SRIH was established in ’85 and moved to Kg. Batu belah in ’87 till present. It was registered with JAIS in ’93 (No:002/1 under Enacment No. 2 1988) and to KPM in ’99 ( No: Sel/ 1694/ 99). It was once again re-registered with JAIS for temporary registration under Enactment No. 2 1988 Pindaan No. 7 2001.It carries out an integrated education system with a blend of KBSR, Islamic curriculum.

The student started sitting for UPSR in ’95 till present. For co-curriculum activities, phase 2 student are required to involve in Pergerakan Syabab Fatayat Malaysia ( MGBSIM )  and having a choice to join the socities and clubs such as Kelab Nasyid dan Kompang, Tae Kwan Do and Silat Gayong.