Thursday, September 23, 2010


SRIH was established in ’85 and moved to Kg. Batu belah in ’87 till present. It was registered with JAIS in ’93 (No:002/1 under Enacment No. 2 1988) and to KPM in ’99 ( No: Sel/ 1694/ 99). It was once again re-registered with JAIS for temporary registration under Enactment No. 2 1988 Pindaan No. 7 2001.It carries out an integrated education system with a blend of KBSR, Islamic curriculum.

The student started sitting for UPSR in ’95 till present. For co-curriculum activities, phase 2 student are required to involve in Pergerakan Syabab Fatayat Malaysia ( MGBSIM )  and having a choice to join the socities and clubs such as Kelab Nasyid dan Kompang, Tae Kwan Do and Silat Gayong.


1. Bahasa Melayu
2. English
3. Arabic
4. Mathematics
5. Science
6. Kajian Tempatan
7. Kemahiran Hidup
8. Physical Education and Health
9. Pendidikan Seni dan Visual
10. Tulisan Jawi
11. Teknologi maklumat
12. Siviks dan Kenegaraan


1. Aqidah
2. Akhlak
3. Fiqh
4. Seerah
5. Pemahaman Al Quran dan As Sunnah (PQS)
6. Al-Quran


1. Pergerakan Syabab Fatayat Malaysia
2. Societies and Clubs
3. Sports and Games


1. Congretional prayers
2. Dining together in class

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